Families Week Celebration Event

National Families Week is a dedicated time to recognise the essential role that families play in Australian society, emphasizing their importance in nurturing, supporting, and guiding children as they develop.

The team at FSN organised an engaging event, featuring a range of activities, a DIY funky photo booth, canvas bag decorating, butterfly peg artwork, and outdoor games and activities.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who joined us in celebrating Families Week, making it a fantastic event honouring the unique diversity of every Family. The joy and smiles on everyone’s faces were truly rewarding for the FSN team.

FSN - Picture1 FSN - Picture2 FSN - Picture3 FSN - Picture4 FSN - Picture5 FSN - Picture6 FSN - Picture7 FSN - Picture8 FSN - Picture9 FSN - Picture10 FSN - Picture11 FSN - Picture12 FSN - Picture13 FSN - Picture15FSN - Picture14

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