What parents are saying about Playgroup:

"My boys are busy all the time while here, they get healthy food, they play with their friends here.
When Playgroup is finished for the morning they are really settled for the afternoon. Non-Playgroup days I notice a huge difference in their behaviour, even though I take them out every morning to the park."

"Coming to Playgroup has helped heaps, my son plays with more kids now and helped us meet new friends."

"Morning Tea has helped my son learn new skills like eating at the table with other children, he loves the interaction and company of peers"  (15 month old only child)

"New to the Northern Rivers 12 months ago, this service has been excellent in helping my son and I feel part of the local community and also provide a link to other services. This playgroup has a great vibe."

"Excellent for social interaction for both children and parents. We look forward to our two days a week and miss it in the holidays!"

What parents are saying about Parenting Groups:

"I liked the sizing of the brains and building neural pathways exercises. Appreciate the Stop, Pause, Play technique."

"As a result of this program, I am not so quick to jump to shouting as a way of controlling behaviour. The folks running the group were incredibly positive & supportive."

"From the first day, this course made me feel a sense of achievement. It's helped me learn very good strategies in other calmer ways. I really enjoyed it and can't wait for more beneficial classes."

"Great experience where I have looked in more depth into why I parent like I do. It has been a time of reflection and I have been offered tools to help me become a "better"parent."

"Learning to deal with crisis time and transitioning phase. Learning to have confidence in my own ability as a parent and leader for my family."

"Triple P was absolutely great. Learnt a whole heap of information as well as shared stories with peers.
It has helped my partner and I immensely with our parenting and is contributing to a change in our relationship."