Most of our services are free of charge to families.  You are welcome to attend our playgroups, browse the resource and brochure library, have a chat with the Family Centre staff, attend special parenting events and information sessions.

Any member of a family can contact us by phone (6621 2489) or in person whenever information or support is needed or when they are concerned about how their family is managing. 

Another service or agency could  contact us on your behalf or you can refer yourself.  Service Providers can download our Form 860kb in Word, here. If you'd like to recieve occasional emails about our services, sign up to our mailing list here.

Initially you will speak with our intake officer who will assess if our service is able to support your family‚Äôs needs. If not, we will link you to a service that can assist. If we are able to assist, you will be allocated a family worker to work with you directly. Our Family Worker will contact you within 2 weeks to organise an appointment. If you urgently need help, try some of our links here.

The Family Worker will then work with you and your family to develop goals for how the family would like things to be. The worker will assist your family to achieve those goals. The Family Worker can meet with you individually or with your family in your home or at our premises, or other agreed locations.

Nimbin Family Centre

This service is free of charge. Any family members can contact us by phone (6689 0423) or in person on a Tuesday or Friday. You are welcome to attend our playgroups during school terms or have a chat with the Centre's staff.  Click here for more details about our playgroups at Nimbin.

South Lismore Family Centre

You are welcome to drop in and attend our free playgroups that are held during school term.  You will find our playgroups at 41 Wilson Street, South Lismore on Wednesdays & Fridays.  Click here for more details about our playgroups at South Lismore.